The Motto

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Get low baby get low
From the north side so I hit the north side walk
U-city, wake up pretty, no curtains in the condo sun on your titty
Auto pilot that's how you like ride it
Danger got you growing please don't bite it
Just breath please don't fight it got sex in the air girl come here flying
New drink, I'm off of dat twop got fifty on the world series show me what you got
I bet big, bet a whole lot.. Got money on the table las vegas nevada
C-note, one time if you got a c-note yeah I am coaching this shit like..
Beat the pussy up then I drink a peregrine
Cameras in my room so I get tivo.. Yeah you love this shit we know
Come back kid similar to tim tebow... Country all damn day rep the hometwon baby north side east saint louie all day long
If it ain't broke den it ain't wrong real nigga what's up. O.e.m.o 12/24