Frozen Mist

The Mourning Crystals Wept Bliss

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As I look upon you as my demon
Because your eyes are so mystical
Her screams are so full of shriek
A chalice so bleak and cynical
These nightmares drown into my veins
I stare into these blissful eyes
Your the only one sharp looking
As the dark lace of night finally arrives

A blizzard rains deep within
The placid wish I yearn to reach
Fractured images, a tundra feeling
This lifeless form of your desire
Feathers of snow freeze my tears
Emeralds shatter the rays of light
Reflections of mist swallow my eyes
The mourning crystals wept bliss

The dark passages of your cavern
Secrets of the crystal water
Slowly caressed in a fear that resides
The mourning cries of your deception.

And as she feels my fingers
Slither down her wretched back
Slowly moving to her hips
I'm embracing your thighs
The glistening of those eyes
In the waves of those arms
Swallow me into the night
Your beauty still burns inside

The dark veins of your coven
Secrets of the crystal water
Slowly caressed in a fear that radiates
The mourning cries of your conception.

Melodic burning of your soul to tears
Tribulations decadent to your hollowness
So horrid, yet deceptive to my eyes
You breathe fear, these shapes of blasphemy
Glazing coldness frostbitten to my sight
An elegy of light, I burn in your mind

As I kiss your cold dead body
You can feel my tongue
It slides deep into your soul
Swallow this passion
All the pain still resides within
Fulfilling her loneliness
With these sacred posessions
Whilst she forgets the morality
A dream buries the surface of life
The dusk, I mourn to survive

The apathy of innocence dying
Enter into this realm once again
Sympathy, I feel no remorse
I pray upon the shadows to hear your voice
A sound that lies in jaded memories
Twisted chords, your choirs of heaven...

I need you, my darkness,
Share with me, blasphemy.
You need me, cold darkness,
Enter within, blasphemy.

So as we drown in coldness together
I penetrate the glaciers of your soul
I feast upon your innocent wrath
The pleasure inside my crimson beauty.

Her soul is a feast which we crave
These rich textures of cold ice
Altars a possession of the dark lords
Beautiful crystals crack the sky above.

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