Abigail Williams

The Mysteries That Bind The Flesh

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Pity my woe when the hours breathe faint and low and hell has risen its
infernal flow
The windy sky weeps above the sleeping sea
No rays from the heavens shine down
All is black beyond belief
In the heart of wintry cold
Wearing robes of sorrow/ the most ever known
The mysteries that bind the flesh that I hold
The veil is now drawn
I still remember though ages ago it seemed
Twin serpents speak not to me
Eyes staring through the darkness of the abyss below trapped in immortal hell
In this terrible hour
The darkness beckons that which looms before me
Oh thunderous night
Cowering against the winds
No tears will you shed
Just kiss the pale lips of death and feel the fire burn within the icy shores

Autor(es): Ken Bedene