Frozen Mist

The Nevermore Realm

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Enter my shadow, traverse thru realms of nevermore
This passing hour, I open my eyes to see her future
I arise, we're destined to walk the path alone
Slipping thru the darkest cracks of time...

Balance the actions brought forth from this mortality
Shred my dreams, Your presence lies inside my mind
Eccentric you are, I do not want to be this way
Defiled innocence your empty pain I find.
Pure blackness drifts from your twisted soul
Cursed audacity the question remains untold
Why are you so blind to see the negativity?
Preach the truth hiding deep within the cold.

I control these mortal thoughts that surface in your mind.
I secrete the fluids from your wretched blood-stained eyes.

Immitations you reveal an intuition of being blind
A sharp glimpse of the moment leaves you in aspiration
This suffocation leaving scars around your twisted neck
My silent raven's song sheds its wings in total frustration.

Run away from the bitterness...
I control your every move...
Your thoughts buried in my mind...
I reveal the inner truth...

You ignore my presence, yet impossible to fade away
Your screams of laughter, this pain induced to grey
My beloved mourning, passion never laid to rest
Trapped in my frozen cell, the wickedness I caress.

I stare deep into those precious eyes, breathing fear into your mind.
My captive in mere distraught, an isolation of dreadful thoughts.

Writhe in solitude, I witness your freezing cold obsession.
You're trapped in my decor, a lushious ornament of depression.
The sadness of waterfalls, tears trickle down in desperation.
Reclusive shards of anxiety, ruptured ecstasy of my creation.

Traverse thru this realm of nevermore, there's no escape.
Seclusion of broken dreams shattered, your mind I rape.
The haunted cathedral which we reside, your body I seduce.
Eternal nightmares an embodiment of fear, your neck around my noose.

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