Dead Confederate

The News Underneath

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Sanity is easy, relaxed, complacent
But the soldier shot twice quits keeping score
Child's eyes wild, innocent sight
Crushed and misgiven', presented for show
Tripped and betrayed, a fool for a play
A campfire raged as the shells hit the ground
Two fell as shots rang, three ran in line
Forever burned in the back of his mind
It's so easy for you all to put the low ones down
A quiet tongue don't mean they won't hear the sound
You got the devil's stare in a room of thorns
But they only prick when the heads are turned
I sing and I pray for fate to attain
And bring to my door a map and a clue
Of where you were, It's all sort of blurred
The day your heart gave up on you
You just see the ordinary, ain't got time to read
The news that's written underneath every article
Blind-sided by the weight of conscience in your head
Staring down the ones you meet because they try their best
The ink has dried, but you've skipped ahead
Is it all in your head cause you ain't got a heart?

Autor(es): B. Senn

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