Greg X Volz

The Next Move Is Yours

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Well, I've waited as long as I can
And I've given it all that I have
The next move is yours girl
So now play your hand

But you better think who I am
That I'm not an ordinary man
The next move is yours now
Won't you tell me your plan

But remember...
There's too much waitin'
And not enough lovin'
For me to be hangin' around

And there's too many ladies
For me to be wastin'
My time on your merry-go-round

Well, I whispered "I still love you"
I've done all I can do
The next move is yours girl
You made up the rules

Just think for a moment or two
About who you're gonna lose
The next move is yours now
It's time you must choose

And now you ask me to cry for you
What have you done for me?
You think and you say you still love me
You should have thought of it yesterday

Autor(es): Jonathan Fitzwilliam

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