The Opening

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As a gleam appearing far away in the landscape, the time has come
As if this flame was the visual rendering of my sensations,
As a presence which keeps my senses awaken, the process is on
As if something should happen here now, my reason has gone
As I would penetrate my own soul, I feel in my own stomach
It's the moment which unfolds toward the infinite
It's the moment that should have happened,
That explains all the others,
That's always been there, which is the cause, the instant and the destination

It's the moment when the curtain falls, it's the moment when you face what you are

We run naked in the forest, our heads are trimmed with antlers
Everything is now no more but an explosion of wailings
It's ultimate animal frenzy, forest's spirits tongue
Bodies move around and torn in a boundless violence

Que l'esprit des ancêtres prenne possession de moi,
Qu'il me dirige et que rien d'autre ne soit

The tribe moves as an ensemble
Gesticulations are triggered by the same pulse
It's the time when the setting reverses
Spirits become everything and people dissolve into intangibles
It's the face of the forest's spirit which makes an appearance

This incantation fills the whole universe

Cause we're the children of the moon, the animal totally assumed
Cause we're the children of the moon, She's the mirror in which christians don't dare to look
She talks to us from deep inside our soul...