The Awakening

The Other Garden

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I stepped away from the garden
so intent on covering my shame
the thoughts of all I had broken
building on the dirt of the day

inside the tomb of confusion
I have spent a lifetime away
from even dreams or allusions
by candle light I´ve witnessed decay

of all the men who´d chosen their wars
and all the men that had given up on fighting for the cause
to re-instate the the harmony that was given to us
when water was yet land and the sun bled with the stars

I´m leading for New Beginning
a path to walk free from disease
begging for a New Beginning
to put the earth right back on it´s knees

I´m waiting for the second coming
screaming out at the heaven above need the power of that love
praying for a New Beginning
It´s colder here without the touch
impatience went from oush
to shoved...