The Page I Never Wrote

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I'll live a new night waiting for you
I'll give you all my fears
Uncanny mistress
I'll bring you in a trip
Through the pages I never wrote
Through the storms that shake my brain

Love is a danger, a razor blade
I don't have an answer
In the sea of your doubts

I don't know what curtains hide under my skin
The wish to go on a stage for my masterpiece

We are two strangers
In the desert of our minds
Maybe it's time to show the crimes
To know the reason why
Are you afraid of walking to the truth?
And I suggest you to look inside of you
And make your dreams come true!

Tonight is colder
Can't feel you at all
You're flying away from my delirium
I don't know if you'll come back
Or you'll keep on fading
I'll walk alone like my soul teached to me

I am a stranger in the desert of my mind
Now it's the time to know all my crimes
To know the reason why
I'm not afraid of sailing in this sea
I have to live looking into me
To live all my dreams

We are the strangers of my mind
Don't know the reason why