The Path

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There's ghosts on every corner, most of them are you
Some of them are shadows of dreams that never came true
I went over the mountains I went souther than the south
I tried living in a real ghost town but none of it worked out

You were sleeping all day, you were sleeping all night
That's why when I bumped into you on kirkwood and rogers
It took me by surprise. the spring was fat and the afternoon was ripe
You gave me and awkward smile, said you were going for a walk
Then you said goodbye

You're brother called me and he told me what you did
I tried to see you but they wouldn't let me in.
I found the trail that you left
I found the end of it and followed it back to where it began

Block after block, drop after drop, I walked the path that you walked
Drop after drop, block after block, I walk the path that you walked

You know that I miss you and you haunt me in these streets
It would be nice if I could forget you or if you'd forget about me
I could try to run away and get out of your reach, but I think I'd rather
Have, you're painful company.

Yeah I think I'd rather have your painful company
Yeah I think I'd rather have your painful company
I think I'd rather have you haunting me

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