Bill Staines

The Philosopher's Song

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Where are you off to today with your old hat and smile?
Are you bound to find some rainbow in a cloudy sky
Are you listening to the wind. Is it singing you a son
As it circles all around you down that road so long?

Where arc you off to today with your eyes shining bright,
Set upon some new horizon in the morning light.
Do you hold within your hands, another dream we all can share
For a better world a-waiting down that road somewhere?

Now you say that the answer's within ourselves
And that time is a wish come true,
And no matter how troubled the toiling seems,
There is worth in the work we do.

Where are you off to today with your books and all their truths
Do you find within their pages what we must not lose?
And in the wisdom of their words do you seek a better way, That we may touch a bright tomorrow and a brand new day?

Autor(es): Bill Staines

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