Spock's Beard

The Planet's Hum

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Living life at ease
He tries to keep it straight
Filling all the cracks
Unlocking all the gates

Heart - Style - Grace

He gives a little back
Makes it very nice
Never runs away
Rolls his dirty dice

Everybody's got to do what they got to do
From him and her to me and you

Right or wrong, he keeps on movin' his own way
Likes to wear a surly frown
Even when it's the sunniest of days
Thinks he owns the world

Feels compelled, hates to tell anything about himself
Tryin' to find his reason why
Tryin' to make his way up off the shelf

Hypnotized by the planet's hum
Eyes fixed hard on a silent sun

There was a time he'd get out
Get out of his own way
Let it fly, let it ride in the face of dismay
Safe to say he'll try
Is he shy, is he crazed
Gossip knows its way around
Once it starts it builds a bomb of sight and sound
Fireworks light the sky

"Sorry!!" he shouts out loud
"I don't live my life so every one else can feel proud "

Hypnotized by the planet's hum
Eyes fixed hard on a silent sun

Give it all this time

Stop the waiting, lights are fading
Don't get left behind

Autor(es): Nick D'Virgilio / Stan Ausmus

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