The Power Of Youth

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I caught the train from Gosford just to see you,
Down bluestone alleyways, the inner west in the August rain
Everyday I think of what you said to me,
How we must maintain the rage, of the educated, young and free
Now I've been travelling for 6 long years, and I've seen the inequality,
The oppression and the fear you speak of

These aspirations, I share with you now
we talked the plot of corporations, and how to bring them down

We have power, we are young, and our voices sing as one
For fundamental change, our voices loud and filled with rage

But time has found a way to put that fire out,
Pragmatic world that's says we live a long life but kneeling down,
Demonstrations, riots, police brutality,
It all got the message out - but did we get what we set out to achieve?
I am older now, and still holding out
I will not go quietly, I'll not got quietly

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