The Praxter

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Now calling all my foes to wait for the back of my hand
This cannot stand forever
The Weaver of Revenge
I am beelzabub's replevin
Heckled and haunted adue
I'm nothing to you

So safe and calm and cozy
Tucked in your blankets with gold
The pale and cold forgotten
The knife grinder is hunched to unfold
Your friends were sold for heaven
The sucker is you

One, you are beautiful and
Two, you are wonderful but
Three, you've got praxter's in every pocket

Shut up!
Go on and on forever
My head is gonna roll down this hill
Through silk and hoards of greiling
Savagely born in the shawg
The bells have lost their meaning
Somewhere a whore gets her wings
And sings "my darling, my darling"
Heckled and hauntingly used
I'm falling for you….

Fall into circles of my love

Tripp'n on love

Autor(es): Lovedrug