The Prodigal

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Chorus: The prodigal, the prodigal
The prodigal son come a home. (Repeat)

He set off for a distant place and squandered al his share of the state. Spent every cent on his party lifestyle and ended up working in a pig sty.
"The servants have more at my father's home so in disgrace I will return"
His father saw hum coming from a far and greeted him with open arms!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The son come a home. (Repeat)

Run go fetch him some water. Get him something to eat. Prepare the lamb for the slaughter. And let's start the celebration feast.The elder brother is scornfulSibling rivalry. He never wanted to be part of his brother's celebration feast.

(Chorus) (Yeah)

Bridge: Oh rejoice, oh rejoice, oh rejoice
He was dead but now alive.
Rejoice, oh rejoice, oh rejoice, oh rejoice...

(Chorus) (Yeah) (Bridge)

Autor(es): Mark Mohr