The Realist Ever

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Can kill it
Can do it
Can kill it
I can give away, no

Base world for life

Been through the fire been through the rain
Took ten steps and feelin all the pain
My nose still breathe 'cause these suckers all lane
I could train still stayin in my lane
Oh no nigga come ten foe
I hold you p**sy niggas like napkins foe
Fuck the rap game this is street saint niggas in force
Until I have em with the map now look it cause shit
This is last resort while I'm chillin with the
Pen off my whole work autumn is flying

Feelin like is new reason of beginning of christmas
Gotta snipe a whole call I put your ass on my wishes
I wish yes or no man even rapers got raper for
I think deepen I ain't givin the past
I'm just sayin p game look where they come from and look who they are today
I'm just basedgod velli shut up to do puck and in my velli
You feel me an is fucked up killers get respect on the streets
I did do me and they love me for doing real instead of fame
One time bitch

I'm the realest shit
I'm the realest shit
I'm the realest yeah
I'm the realest
Basedgod velli
Basedgod velli
Basedgod velli

Suckers won't pop all why play God keep thinking cool they like
Never will is ay I got young nigga on neck who the fuck you think you are
You ain't Jesus you're just the bitch,
Why you run kid dope and tell em not to speech
My brother was a and kept searching in
No loyalty you niggas all hustler and back
Killin all the same kind as most niggas are bad
Which fall back in and call you
This is said niggas that is the
Niggas I ain't' even know the conditions

Go to the fucking sdoctor and go get your
And I'm the shaking bitch I ain't even perfect but at least
Is real enough to see these people perfect
Instead of doing the same as while nigga is cursing
Bitch I'm better than the hood I'm an african king btitch
One thousand

I'm the realest
You'll be the realest ever
Basedgod velli
This is basedgod velli
This is basedgod velli
This is basedgod velli

And nobody felt my pain
You all got pain

If you got something to plain about
They won't stop em from the bottom to the top
Rock with me till the drop
You know from the to the drop top
But they won't stop
Basedgod velli