The reason (versão A Razão)

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I did not know how I went missing
Up to know, but I would like one right way
Someone who spoke follow this and you will be happy
And that was what I tried
But I knew something was wrong
Something told me that for me would have to grow along the way
And even that was difficult a voice within me talking, you can
You're stronger than you think, yeah, you can

Why was this the only reason
That voice was the reason that gave me strength to follow
And that was painful was the reason
It was the reason I gave up every day
The reason was the voice of every day
And even though I had the floor she would get up
This was the reason

I never thought that way
Today I know how I can
How much my skin is thick
She gave me the certainty I can dream deck
And I really felt inside me that was true
For what

Chorus (1x)

It was then when I got
That's when I realize how much I can
I could have gotten away, for that reason I was just
The whole reason was what I wanted

Chorus (2) Ratio

Autor(es): Rafael Bruno

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