There's a Law Against Breakin' The Law

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Who let Prince Albert out of the can?
The guilty ones pride shall keep him humble
Scoop up all the money from the wrecked armored van
'Cause of the 6 year old boy who caused such a stumble
Let me wind up my radio, bask in technology
They say don't overdose on milk if you dare
Holiday greeting card might blow up my biology
Little cabbage patch kid might eat my hair
Proposition 215 and 209
Votes of controversy to the mind
Throw one away, the other is fine
Equal opportunity for all
Throw the dope to the grind
Heard a boom sonic
A headache chronic
Six million bionics
Speak a little ebonics
First lady tried to talk to the dead
There's many of psychiatric help near by
Those cattle futures helped keep her family fed
Obstruction of justice 'n breakin' the law
I can't understand why

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