Therionic Transformation

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Therion ne seiptur lucarem et sucexit sicut stellae millibus
Lucerem sicut lucifer dum splendorem superior sol nigrum sol

The gardens of life are the fields of judgement and quest
The tunnels of initiation and endless thrive
Nations and tribes bow before the utopic strength of matter
I cross them by the fire of the gods and the courage of the invincible sun
By the law of power I judge and define, the fall of the lost virtue
With ultimate transcendence I embrace the vision of the chosen rebirth
θεουργια Invoked the great opus of the adepts

Hidden moons have blessed
The risen souls to serve the sovereignty of the elders
Beyond the clouds of andromeda
A star is born bathed in the light of radiating crown of alpheratz
Baptized in sacred waters from the temples of ur
Oceans of light to cast aside
And form the sacred symbols

Mirrors to the depths of an ancient scorching abyss
I rise from the ashes of the phoenix

I radiate as the morning star enthroning my children with knowledge
I shall march by will
I shall prevail with courage
By will I shall survive and by the virtues of silence I will dominate

This is the law of the king and the elect

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