Greg X Volz

The River Is Rising

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" i hear the rain already "

I hear it in my sleep, i hear it everyday
I hear it like a strand that's woven into what the heroes say
I hear it on the streets, i hear it on the road
I hear it in the silent, waiting rocks where the waters once flowed

And the river is risin' - the river is risin'
The river is risin' and it's barely beginnin' to rain

I see it in the signs, i see it in the times
I see it in the open words and scattered in between the lines
I see it in the book, i'm told it's written in the stars
It's the smoky light that shines from eyes starin' out behind the bars

Some people runnin' from the slow train
Some people runnin' from the cloud
Some people hidin' from the old man down the road
Some people hidin' in the crowd
But the banks cannot protect you, no, you can't outrun the flood
Coz it's comin' from the depths of you, yeah, it's runnin' in your blood

Autor(es): Greg X Volz