Danko Jones

The Rules

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Rule number one: I'm gonna drive you wild
I'm not gonna stop until you're satisfied
You're gonna be the envy of all your girlfriends
When they find out who you're going out with
Rule number two: we're gonna do it for a couple of hours
Wait a minute, we're talkin' about me - add on three more
We're gonna do it all night long
Rule number three: do it 'till dawn

Rule number four: call your ex-boyfriend
The one that left you cold and alone
You're gonna tell him you got a new man baby
And that I'm good
I'm the best you've had, woman
And this is gonna make him cry
Oh he's gonna want you back but baby
That's your cue to give me a call and another try

My Time Is Now

I'm gonna try, do everything I wanna do
I'm gonna do everything I always wanted to
I'm gonna live when I look my fears right in the eye
I'm gonna learn every day that I'm alive

No waiting
My time is now
No waiting
My time is now

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