All Get Out

The Season

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I saw a bridge it pieced together two unlikely hearts.
I thought it must have been illusions or a dream of mine.
My narrow mind, my fragile heart exploded in my chest.
I've seen this beautiful season it's just not repeating.
Dollar neglect I'd leave my friends and every love of mine.
Forget this house, this piece of shit.
It's just not worth my time.
Money's just money honey it's just money.
I've seen some wonderful reasons it's just not quite the season.

I felt a calm, it breath some rest into my brothers lungs.
I hope they held it in and felt the peace that I was given.
My restless heart, my wandering mind imploded in my head.
I feel this patient composure just waiting on some closure.
Tired connect I give my sleep and every word of mine.
I blame this building you just bring me back here every time.
Morning it's morning brothers, hey good morning.
I feel we've had us some closure lets just keep up composure.
I'm feeling like I'm going to die.

Don't want to go, don't want to go, don't want to leave the south.
Shut the door, shut the door…can't see me now.
Fall back, fall back, don't leave me out.
I felt a hand leave my hand, it covered up my mouth.

You were a violent crash and I felt the earth shake
You sudden impact, Oh God I need a new way.
Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it, let it burn.
Hate it, hate it, love it, hate, God you know I love to hate it.
Breathe, breathe, breathe, you got to let it in.
I bare this same heavy cross, don't count it as my loss.