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The Secret Of The Third Communication

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A brown door hides the punishment of God.
It snows always, here.
Oh, my tempest!
Let's praise the sleighs in their night
cry under the wonderful winter sky...
Let's praise the distance of the dreadful light.
Banned... is... the light... forever... I remember...
to know where the joy is.
Let's drink from the earth, from the mouth leaks the ice...
Forever and ever again...
I am the prayer to Enned,
the creature framed by an useless teacher
who will carry behind and within Himself,
his useless end.
They stopped, surprised by the monument magnitude;
there, in the wood, that terrible and beautiful... monument.
What are you doing... I'll kill you...
I will poke your eyes out from life...
I will offer you the Sunset...
to cry about, and I will demand silence.
You won't get out from this place,
perfumed by water on the wood and by musk.
The black monument.
Erected upon this pale grief.
Now somebody guards it and
somebody else slides among the pipes.
Every... time... I... have... to explain... matters...
which... you... couldn't translate!!!
Everywhere people make war... everywhere... never seen...
He was the war.
He was the fading shadow and the next moment the dream to forgot.
And I am... the lost dream...
go back and play before the house.
The night is still there and promised not to go away.
The snow and the sledges remained for you.
I'll bring a friend and someone else will join us later.
Breathe your adored chill, feel your lungs alive.
Nobody will come here.
And we'll go through the forest, along our paths,
and the animals will be scared but won't seem ridicolous to us.
My sister stands by you, you met my friend.
You cried for her grief.
Then you switched off the world stars and put candles on.
Our fates are chapped from cold.
The glorious day has ended.
Let's go to the monument,
we'll poke the eyes out from those
who will look at it and eat their soul and heart.

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