These Lips

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These lips were made for kissing
These hips were made fro blissing.
These arms were made for squeezing you tight
Everyday, olay everynight!

These lips were made for selecting
These hips were made for connecting
These legs were made for wrapping around you
So tight, olay everynight!

When you see my dancing on the floor
You'll agree I'm class to the core
When you see me dancing with the boys
You'll agree you've never seen such poise.

These lips were made for tasting my time
Weren't made for wasting so I'm
Gonna show you how it's done
Just for fun, anyone wanna come.

These lips were made for kissing
Take a sip and you'll know what you've been missing
You'll flip when you see this tamale wants to make you stay
Everyday, olay everynight!

What'd you say, everyday, olay everynight
We can play everyday, olay everynight, well alright!