Hilltop Hoods

The Sentinel

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behold I send you out a sheep, amidst the womb

ba ba ba ba ba x8

we found this club on a side street but I was kinda iffy
we could hear some fly beats, but from outside it looked shifty
I said this to pressure just before I finished my sentence
This bouncer came out and dragged us both through the entrance
This guy was huge and I was stumbling with my speech
I finally mumbled that we just stumbled in from the street
He said to us: so finding us was accidental,
well im not surprised we don't advertise at the Sentineal
he said: whats your name, he said Pressure I said Suffa
he said: join the rest of the suckers
so we went right in, we sat right down
Pressure said: I guess ill get us both our first round

He had to go downstairs cos the bar was underground
He came back and said: man these are the cheapest drinks in town
I agreed, yes indeed, we could be here all night
Theyre only charging a buck fifty for imperial pints
And im feeling alright, this place in kinda cool man
And im hoping tonight, nobody acts a fool and
Ruins this vibe that I got going on and
Knowing where I am, but the jams growin man this spots blowin
The ladies were hot, I sat down and listened
To the 4000 watt in-house sound system
The dj was laying tracks, people getting on the floor,
Then he played a crazy break…and the chorus went:

Come right in, sit right down, join the rest of the suckers
Ba ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba baat the Sentineal x2
Ba ba ba ba ba x4

These dim lights holes, silhouetted figures fit in tight moulds
This beers ice-cold, yeh we're goin be here til the nights old
I might stroll, see what I can find out but I wonder
Do I feel up under or is that the drink pullin me under
A strange feeling, this place got my brain reeling
Move up n see a picture at the bar, people up on the main ceiling
Through like a broken dream Im walkin through a smoke machine and
In the corner scene it broke free around a smoke screen
Sat down, looked at the picture on the bottle label
Was the same man in the street as I turned n took my table
And as he licked her thighs I saw that glint in her eyes
The wristwatch upon her waist it had him hypnotised

Then she kissed him goodbye, threw me a smile and a grin
My reply cut me in bomber hand right on my chin
Walked to the bar as the tender looks right through me I said
Excuse me, he replied I tones as if he talked about me not to me,
He said: welcome to the Sentinel, I hope your stay is perpetual
We serve drinks and broken dreams but no edibles
I bought a round, man I think this is watered down
This tastes like sawdust this place is giving me the creeps
Plus the doors are now closing to the public so lets make our move
Then I was struck by the strangest sense of déjà vu
Man I swear suffa I heard this all before.
It went ba ba ba ba ba…. and then the chorus went:

Come right in, sit right down, join the rest of the suckers
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba at the Sentinel x2
Ba ba ba ba ba x4

Man this place got me reelin, I took a seat to get my focus
When a group of b-boyz gathered by the stage took my notice
At about 1 o'clock the club manager approaches
And said I heard you jokers were MCs listen to us,
Cos we run an open mic about - oh every night
And to enter u gotta be.. incredibly tight.
I said get me the mic I might flip, then the light switch
My vision was blurrin and burning words inside my eyelids

Rhyme progression begun somethin possessin my tongue
Blessing the deaand dumb f til I was falling short of breath in my lungs
When will they let us stop? I checked the time and it was
6 in the morning and we were still rhyming
we battled MC after MC, battled MCs for days
but they wouldn't let us go, when we tried to leave the stage
the manager said: you boys can never leave this tournament
and you can never leave the Sentinel, and the chorus went

Come right in, sit right down, join the rest of the suckers
ba ba ba ba baba ba ba ba ba at the Sentinel x2
ba ba ba ba bax4

Come right in. sit right down.
join the rest of the suckers At the sentinalx2

Autor(es): Hilltop

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