Ariadna Project

The Shadows Will Remain Behind

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You came around my way
like from a distant dream
your memory fills my head
and shakes my heart

A million light-years away
I'm standing here from you
My sweet little angel
of solitude...

Hey girl, just give me a sign so we can hold on 'till the end of time
Our love is so strong that nothing can go wrong...

Sail away, through the stars in the sky
heading where no-one's gone before
Time and Space are lost behind
Live today, with no fear of tomorrow
and you'll make all the dreams come true
The shadows will remain behind...

The sadness and the pain
have vanished with the rain
and now I can see myself
into your eyes

After this lonely years
you kissed away my tears
and now I can hear your voice
whispering my name...

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