The Sickness

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I hear you when you scream
I´m with you in your dreams
I know what´s on your mind
I pray for you

Deep inside you there´s a pain
You want to run away
A million miles away
from your reality

You can´t run and you can´t hide
from the sickness deep inside
You know your life will end
and I never understand

Why does it have to be you?
Why do you deserve this pain?
Is there any explanation?
I feel so cold

Please stand up and fight
against the sickness deep inside
You are much too young to die
Don´t die before I do

You are trapped inside your dream
and every night you scream
You are wishing for an end
Let me take you by the hand

Let me take you far away
No reason more to stay
No one can help you here
Try to break the chains

Autor(es): Terminal Choice

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