Jennifer Rafferty

The Signs

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I know I never say that much
But what I say, it comes straight from my heart
Never been in love as such
It feels so strange to me

I check my facebook all the time
Just to see if you've been on my profile
Inconspicuous I wait
By your garden gate

I can't lie
I'm in love with you
and my heart feels blue
I am falling, I'm falling
I can't lie
Cos I know the Signs
How you're on my mind
All the time, I am falling

It sort of happened over night
I felt a burning like I was on fire
I thought you'd set my heart alight
but it was just a dream

One day myspace will be your space too
and on youtube I will sing for you
I've got a pocket full of love
Put in your hand and feel

We should go fly a kite
You fell as if from a height
Illuminous like Space
You've got such a pretty face
sandwiches in the park
Hide and seek in the dark
Kisses in the rain
I hope you feel the same!

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