Dawn Of Dreams

The Sirenes Dreaming

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The Sirenes Dreaming

Within the cold waves of the oceans
Lies the isle of skulls and corpses
Of people who succumbed to the enticement
Of the isle of sirens

More seductive than any mortal
More murderous than any sorceress
More greedy for human blood
Than any poor soul of the shadowrealm
Above the water resounds a gentle music
As gentle as the morning breeze
A golden melody
Weaved in the sounds of the world

The breath of the silent oceans
The whispering of the reed
The gentle murmer of a spring rain

The sirens are dreaming
Dreaming while their thousand lives

A bewitching singing
A deadly embrace
More beautiful than any mortal
Dearer than any goddess

The mind drowns within their bright eyes
Bewitched by their enticing singing
With streaming hair and glimmering bodies
The hunt and dream
For they are the ghosts of the oceans.