The Siren's Call

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Tie me up against the mast and shield the sunlight from my eyes
For i no longer can resist the haunting of her cries
They call me from the jagged rock
It was the sweetest melody
Like gold and honey dripping from the fingertips of god
I feel the wind against my face from the flapping of her wings
I feel the black and silky tenderness all choking me

But i can almost taste happiness
It's such a long way off
But i can almost feel your embrace
Above the siren's call

Now it's not beautiful or pure
But it exists beyond the shore
It struggles to be heard above the screeching of her call
Beneath my feet a rumbling
A hundred demons clambering
They chase away my harmony and make love afraid to call
They grow forever restless and as our ship sets out to sea no
They will not be silenced
Never for you or me

And i've een a hint of it
This happiness
This bliss
Just knowing it exists i know that i must try
And i've caught a glimpse of it
One moment just one kiss
From the corner of my eye
Of better days gone by.

Autor(es): Carl Falk / Darren Hayes

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