The Solution

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Blindness blankets the masses today,
I am God this is what they say emptiness lurks in the hearts of men,
needing to be filled by Christ not Zen.
Giants of technology is what we are,
great minds of thinking we've reached so far morally bankrupt is what we've achieved,
listening to the thief

We've all been deceived
By the enemy

What are they to do,
there's nowhere to turn they think nobody cares, when will they learn,

The Almighty dollar is the God of this land,
so many problems countless as the sand,
just drown them with money and they'll all go away that's the solution the politicians say.
A little girl dies of aids today, toxic waste in the waterways,
drugs flow like honey in our streets, gang violence murder, racism reeks

Depression-Oppression-Hatred and Strife

Death and lies the pains of this life,
so many problems through my brain,
too many to handle the strain the pain,
seek and find solution is near, ask it shall be given to you,
the peace you need the joy you want,
just stop running and look to the cross!
Is that the solution you wanted to hear a deafening cry salvation is near,
this worlds problems will never fade give you life to Christ he will ease the pain!