The Startling Truth That You Are Terrific

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We sat up high on the roof and this plane seemed to whisper (shattered) in the sky above us circled, but according to sources, "the night was clear" and they said it left a smoke ring around us, I'll let a knife edge surround you and I'll blow everyone away, these syllables were never meant to fit together.
Contours and congruents, lines and together and I'll let this piano surround you, between what order you made, and all of these pictures that i paint will be my first and last ones shattered.
But if this surrounds us, there will be no time for components and decimals, rituals and meetings, conversation and monologue but if I sell this short then I'm 'Miss World' if I let this fall then shatter and break but if she asks of this one, paint a picture more beautiful than the last one that I wrote about and think of me

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