The Stele Ov The Last Conjuration

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The pale moon's beams shine o'er us
As together we lie in rest eternal
A grave for two-a matrimony for the dead
Two rotting bodies on their last dance macabre

It is a dance of the dead - it is a tottentanz
For my sadness, your blood, our breath
And our hearts entwined beat the rythim

It is a sacred marriage
It is a mystery of two bodies, one gravestone
And countless offspring living from us

Zazas zazas nasatanada zazas
By the crown of black sun I am reborn through the fiery eye of wedjat
By the bride of δρακων bless with your serpentine kiss
For I know both the depths and heights of metamorphosis
For I shall unit the helios and the sinn
Salamu tammabukku
Elu mush mush
Elu nekelmu ina
(Black dragon rise up - serpent, serpent rise up - evil eye within)

Shadows of anima mundi
And by the force of eros in the fields of bloodthirst lust
I shall invoke the names of the cult of the moon
Eros and thanatos the beauty of transformation
Salamu kishpu ina mush elu
(Black sorcery within - serpent rise up)

The timid bride removed
The matrimonial veil of her vestality and between the dog and wolf
The groom entered the gateless yet rotten gate
Hieros gamos is now sanctified

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