The strummer

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am i lying when i say
happiness lies in three things
a good woman a guitar and rich daddy
who's always very busy
so if you're dreaming ot this kind of luck
play roulette dice or cards
or sell everything except your strummer
ang go the other way
my boy

all your days are wasted
on brandy tv and porno pictures
you don't have a woman and she'll be
hard to get
with such an old mother around
love is what you die for
love is hard to reach in the zoo
so sell everything except your strummer
and go the other way
my boy

you want to be like those bearded and
strong guys
raising havoc in a dive
and you'd want them to hand you
a smoke and a drink and all that glory
you'd get a bruise under your eye
and scream slogans that sound great
you'd be a beatnik and a real anarchist
and that's why you should go the other way
my boy

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