The Stupidest Things

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Fell out a window accidentally
I often get distracted
And do the stupidest things

Making the best of it
I twist up my spine
Trying to see into my neighbor's window
As I pass by
They do the stupidest things I ever saw

Shoulda just let those goddamn plants wilt
But I don't want to get mad

804's thinking hard about death
Cause he knows how not to blow it
He got distracted when we locked eyes
And he blew it
Over and over and over
Went the song on the radio
In 704
But nobody was home

Lost my head through 604
Trying to wish away the ground floor
Every atom stayed stuck
My streak of bad luck
Rubbed off on 504
Only coming up one number short
404, 304, 204
They’re all watching the same television show
All wearing the same blank stare

Oh god, don't let this be the last sight I see
Don’t let this be the last sight I see