The Things I Should Have Said

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Two by two the lovers wandered off into the night
leaving me alone with someone that I only knew by sight
so we sat and watched each other thru the fading firelight
each one waiting for the silence to be broken.

But the things I should have said
that were whispering in my head, would not be spoken.

The black-eyed master glared at me with malice in his eye
the spittle from his twisted lips ran down to his bow-tie
I was done before his accusations I did not deny
when he done with me I stood outside there shattered.

And the things I should have said
that came rushing to my head, no longer matter.

Teachers from whose mellowed mouths great pearls of wisdom fall
to those who scrawl obscenities upon the alley walls
the joke is on the bloke who never spoke a word at all
but whose dreams lay unrevealed 'til they were rotten.

And the things I should have said
that I was keeping in my head, have been forgotten.

The things I should have said.

Autor(es): Roderick Clements

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