The Three Healths

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Tae ane King an nae King, ane uncle an faither
Tae him that's aa these yet allowed tae be neither
Come push it about while the bottle's our standard
If ye know whit I mean, here's a health tae our landlord
Tae ane Queen an nae Queen, ane aunt an nae mither
Come boys, let us cheerfully drink up anither
An' nou tae be honest we'll stick by our faith, sir
An staun by our landlord as lang as we've breath, sir
Tae ane Prince an nae Prince, ane son an nae bastard
Beshrew thaim that say it, 'tis a lie that is fostered
God bless thaim aa three, we'll conclude wi this ane, sir
Here's a health tae our landlord, his wife an his son, sir
Tae our Monarch's return aince mair we'll advance, boys
There's ane that's in Flanders, the ither's in France, boys
Then about wi a health, lat him come, lat him come, then
Send the ane intae England an baith are at hame, then

Autor(es): Jörgen Elofsson

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