Kate Miller-Heidke

The Tiger Inside Will Eat The Child

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Wade in the rising water
Walk in the sinking sand
Crawl through the shadow valley
To try to understand

I climbed a jacob's ladder
I fell down holy stairs
I found siddartha's temple
No answer anywhere

The minute you think you know you got it
Is the minute you know it's gone for good
The second you pause his claws are on it
The tiger inside will eat the child


I saw a hall of mirrors
I saw a burning wheel
I saw a rain of arrows
I lost the way to feel
I saw a million faces
Stare at a fallen sky
I saw the last horizon
The end of time

Speaking in quiet whispers
You hear it everywhere
It leaves as you're arriving
Arrives and you're still there

You drink, the cup is empty
You pour, the cup is full
You'll never get to hold it
It's always holding you
It's always holding you
It's always...

Autor(es): Keir Nuttall

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