Cathy Davey

The touch

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I nearly died inside for you, I lit a fire inside for you
Feed the flame and cook me through and through
With the touch I'm alive with lust
And if it's do or die well then I must
The only question lies how much for the touch

Oh I crawl on my knees, I beg and I plead
Nothing says I love you like a desperate woman

I'd leap a hundred waves for a kiss
And end these wretched days in bliss
Oh be fair and let me dare to wish for
Squeeze that body dry
Oh how I tease and I turn and I bite
Oh don't be so frigid I'll be tender with it your touch

I'd ravage the face, leave little to waste
Nothing says I need you like a woman with taste

I wanna ring the highest bell
Fling my soul down the deepest well
Leave that withered hollow shell to tell of the touch

Split the sky in two for you and me
Lay the stars and the moon at our feet
Now I float through all the eternity with the touch