The Trials Of Mount Farnor

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Deepest into the east
Where vast ridges meet the ivory shores
Winds of the zephyr chill the blood in frostbitten hearts

Treacherous! furious!
Surely the mountain will bring us to fall

Lord of the winds
Let our passage be swift
Ruler of mist in this age-old ruin
King of the east
Let the trials begin
Grant me the secret for i seek the century
Horn of mount farnor

As a blizzard draws near
Upon the highest mountain we stand
Thundering footsteps strike a fear into our hearts

Vicious thrall!
Answer our call!
Hear us, come forth and unveil who you are!

Lord of the storm
To this quest i am sworn
Ruler of mist on this age-old mountain
King of your kin
Let your trials begin!
Speak me your riddles for i seek the century
Horn of mount farnor

First; the answer is clear
But dawn breaks before the second word's voiced
One final riddle strikes despair into our hearts

Queen of leaves!
Returned to me!
Surely, your words bring the giant to fall!

Lord of the bones
So assured of your throne
Ruler of men among thousand towers
King of your kin
Now your war will begin!
Thousands are gathering as i sound the
Century horn of mount farnor

Brother, i will find you wherever you are!

Autor(es): Anders Hammer / Elias Holmlid / Jesse Lindskog / Jonas Heidgert / Morten Lowe Sorensen / Olof Mörck

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