Ancient Ceremony

The Ultimate Nemesis

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With hand of judgement i have whetted my flashing sword
To punish my adversaries
I will make my arrows drunk with blood
And my evil soul shall devour thy feeble flesh
Now i take vengeance on my hated enemies

The ultimate nemesis!
Awake, heaven and earth
For the time of my plagues has just begun
Like sodom's lovely poisoned wine
All waters shall turn red with blood of the slain
I am her revelation
On my sceptre gleams the morningstar
And my curse rapes all temples of thine
Lux perpetua - now thou art mine!

As conductor to this requiem
I write the score in blood
Reaper plays his violin
Feel the sweet smell of death
Oh, perfume of these raging deeds
Get spread like fiery breath
Hear lambs in agony cry
See the slaves slowly die,
Still kneeling before their god

With tongue of wrath i spake the judge
So they now wheep for their slaughtered idol...
Face the ultimate nemesis
And wheep now for thy god!

Hear heaven cry, see heaven die
Bleeding drips rain from the sky
Hear heaven cry and see heaven die
Thy god - i laugh about his sigh
His sheep from my wolves do flee
A dying heaven - this is what i see

Dead even i love my enemies!

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