The Visions Of Dream

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Darkness, blown by dream
Come down
Life goes away,
There is already no sense in it
The heavenly creator
In the twilight of night
Will put off the life
In order to light flames up.

Read the vision of sleep
Blown by the night
Sleep is only moment,
You know,
But life is even shorter.

It is not doubt in sign
You ve closen death,
But was it worth living.
Put your heroic deed
In the book of revelations
It s a characteristic
Of people to forget
You later, you know.

Fear is seen in blazing sunrise
There is no light.
Of future in it.
There is only
Crash of hope.

There is something
Unsubjected to laws,
To earthly mind,
Tired of lie,
Ruthless, pitiless to his worshppering,
Moans but hearing
The repentance of soul.

Autor(es): Asguard

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