Escape With Romeo

The Visions Of The Holy Ghost

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I never spoke with god
but always missed him in heaven
all chances that I've took
were those that were given
cruising around in an unknown life
in blind search for career
alone in skyscraper town
with a heart that's full of fear

Now the wind blows harder from coast to coast
thunderstorms are what they fear the most
windows are shut doord are closed
these are the visions of the holy ghost

Silence became my only master
it stops me going faster and faster
I'm riding on an unknown train
destination unknown but I feel good again

In an world where only money rules
Where the wise men slowly turn to fools
There's nothing real in what they tell
so let these prophets go to hell

now the wind...

Be quiet now hear the thunders roar
nothing will remain as before
everybody turns off the light
because the holy ghost won't sleep tonight

now the wind...

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