Acoustic Junction

The Wind

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Walking in a cool rain all by myself
A little voice inside of me calls out for help
And says "Listen as the wind calls you home"

Two more hours in the raging storm
I head for shelter, any place that's warm
I rest my bones and go to bed
Dream of what my little voice had said
Listen as the wind calls me home.

Wake up and I'm covered in rain
Dry my clothes and I'm off again
Go by the store get a bottle of wine
Drink my share and I take my time
Cause I got nowhere to go
Listen as the wind calls far into night fall
Nowhere to go I lay down my head and call it home.

Sunny day in Wichita, hop a train in an open car
A hundred miles to the end of the line
Sing a song and I finish my wine
Cause I got anywhere I want to go
As long as I'm happy and at one with my soul.

Autor(es): Curtis Thompson

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