The Witchhunter

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In the forest I´m searching for you
You try to escape, you tryto hide
You have no chance cause I´ll find you
I feel your presence everywhere
You are afraid, you are alone
You try to put a spell on me
But I´m too strong, you feel my power
There is no witchcraft to help you
Your heart is beating, You hear me coming
You hide your face under a beauty mask
But I can see behind your masquerade
You don´t will be redempt
The Moon is shining, the forest whispering
You and me between the trees
Look in my eyes, look in my face
Take my deadly kiss

I´m the witchhunter
The witchfighter
The witchkiller

I´m ripping your flesh from your broken bones
Your beauty is gone away
I open your chest and take your heart
I smash it into your face
You lie in your blood, you lie in your guts
Just flesh and bones from a dying witch
Another war
Another victory in forest cries my name

Autor(es): Terminal Choice

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