The Wolf

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[Intro from a sample]
It's comin', it's comin'
You wear a gun, the beast 'til the end that is
This is the twilight winter
I am ready to be her son
It's now, I will RISE to her side!
I don't need the words, I'm beyond

[Ill Bill]
Keep it homie this is a gangsta party
Bullet proof glass for Robbie
Die sorry by the hand of vampires and zombies
Fire bombin' suicide army God's inside me
Ride 'til I motherfuckin' die high on canarcy
Unfocusable, 'xplodin smokin toast to ya vultures
Soldiers in haemoglobin words of evil spoken invokin'
Volcanoes evoked, these veterans are very violent
Non Phixion Jedi Mind Tricks a deadly virus
I could just go live no love
I read Kaballah on drugs
Gun in my wig gettin' my dick sucked
Bitches spit and cum on each others clits for kicks
Cocaine tits degenerates smother ya shit
Another day in paradise, surrounded by bloodsuckers and parasites
Gettin' in shoot outs for Amorites
Leave ya block flooded wid blood this hard find I promised
Eat shit suck fuck kill and die honest

[Hook from sample]
The big bad fearless wolf
I'm the end of the world
Wearing the flesh of fallen angels
I've scanned the reality
I see it, the corruption of flesh
And blood to you all!

[Sabac Red]
Call me the rap Che Guerera
Loungin' in the black grave's terror
I lace tracks wid terror forever smellin' death
Reoccurrin' like the hands of burnin' flesh
Must be the spirit of Koresh that keep me turnin' in the bed
Troopers hoverin', you'll be sufferin' crews be buggin'
When they rather shoot they brother than abuse the government
Our crews make compliments from

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