Human Drama

The World Inside I

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I see a light shining in your eyes
Reflecting a shimmering lie
A costumed clown disguised the same
Intrigued by the sun and the moon

Nothing ever changes

Do you see the seasons change
Tell me if it has rained
When you look to the heavens
Do you see past the stars
Because they'll never answer your call

Nothing ever changes

Do you remember
The lessons that you learned
Do you realize
What the years, the tears have meant?
Love is your ocean
Filled with fear you jump in
You cling to the side of life
Trying to escape

The enemy
You are the enemy
You are at war

On the outside I am strong
No pain no weakness will you find
Push aside confusion
I battle endlessly
A victor in a war of one
I see myself
I disappear

Don't try to save me

For I come here of my own will
Here I will stay

On the inside children play
Trying not to remember that they have grown
Eyes staring at me
Move with me motion for motion
Until I turn
I spin in circles
Reaching I am for the door

Don't try to save me

For I built this house with my hands
Here I will stay