The World Is What It Is

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world is what it is what it is now
word is what it is what it is
JAH world is what is what it is now
JAH world is what it is now
JAH world JAH world JAH world
running with the changes
thats how its been
i gone to the west
but i cant find no peace
juggling survivals to make ends meet
aint no beggars down here
captives must be free
more buyers than sellers
underneath the stars and sun
you cant find no justice
therell be no peace in this town
you fight against creation
then you bound to lose
fight against JAH JAH my people
you a go get defeated
and everybody knows that change is gonna come
just like everybody knows that the table was about to turn
and everybody knows that money can buy no love
something everybody knows everybody knows
bubbling bubbling bubbling
bubbling when i hear the word
my soul is feel free my soul
in the heart of ini JAH got his residency
so all his people they got to be free

Autor(es): Boom Shaka / Trevy Felix