Macy Gray

The World Is Yours

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"Hey young world"
Check 1-2, check 1-2
"Hey young world"
Check 1-2, check 1-2
"Hey young world, young world"
"Young world, young world"

This track here may cause concern
For all the leaders- Why don't you listen and learn
To love this happiness, once we're strong
But to (society) even that's (turned wrong) Why!
Are we dumb-dummie and disrespect mommie and why!
She put you on earth and loved you since birth and you

"Hey young world"
The world is yours
"Hey young world"
The world is yours
"Young world, young world"
The world is yours
"Young world, young world"
Young world, young wo-ah-ah-rld

The world is a brainwashed kid (kid...) run wild
Young little girls, already have a child
Bad company and now you've been framed (been framed)
Parents are hurtin', so hurted and ashamedp, why!
Hey little kids don't follow these adults, why!
Don't be a fool, like those who ditch school, it's yours


Hear that, hear that, accomplish things
You'll see your under, and the trouble life brings
To my teens, and all my youth
Get on the limited and hold rocks too
Listen, be strong and scream Whoopie-woo!
Go for yours 'cause dreams come true
You'll make your mommy so proud of you to and
This is the message at the ruler Rick's school

Elders seen our wise ones grown
Interest in what the kid learned 'bout
Seen how the old spring turned out
"Whaa-aa-aa-aaahh" Mm-mm-mm
Knowin' you can know safeguard self
Put upon an exciting path
You'll see a mans pride they'll have


Don't discipline, lose soundly
Kids that we have lose boundaries
Grow into what's called curserates
Like in-de-pen-dence, words case
imprisonment death, therefore
Not what we brought kids here for
Morales and values of sort
Should be the first thing in store

Believe it or not, God still shines on you
He guides you and, he watched you as you grew
Stay out of trouble, when it comes in sight
'Cause a man never loses a fight in God's sight!


Autor(es): RICKY M. L. WALTERS