Banda X

The World's A Mess It's In My Kiss

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No one is united all things are untied perhaps we're boiling over
Inside they've been telling lies who's been telling lies? There
Are no angels there are devils in many ways take it like a man
The world's a mess it's in my kiss you can't take it back pull
It out of the fire pull it out in the bottom of the ninth pull
It out in chords of red-disease drag on the system drag on my
Head and body there are some facts here that refuse to escape I
Could say it stronger but it's too much trouble I was wondering
Down at the bricks hectic, isn't it? Down we go cradle and all
The world's a mess it's in my kiss go to hell, see if you like
It then come home with me tomorrow night may be too late both
Moons are full dirty night dying like a lovely wife goodbye my
Darling how high the moon well I wish I was